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Best Seo Service in Pakistan

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 seo in pakistan

Hi! I'm SM Talha , a highly skilled and experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert and an Internet Marketing Strategist, based in Karachi, Pakistan. I've been in this industry for quite some time now and have helped various small businesses and independent clients rank high on Google, Yahoo and Bing with the use of ethical white-hat SEO techniques that I have perfected over time through real experience. I have also provided in-house training to marketers, webmasters and web developers.
I hold a masters degree in Computer Science and am currently pursuing an MBA degree with concentrations in Management Information Systems and Marketing.
The purpose of this website is twofold. First, if you are looking for a professional SEO expert and a search engine marketing consultant to help you create stronger online presence, you can learn about the various SEO services I offer including market research, search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management, internet marketing, content development/optimization and Web analytics. There is a lot involved in attaining solid and lasting success on the internet and through advanced SEM and SEO techniques, I help my clients achieve the results they want.
Second, if you are just looking for information about SEO and Internet marketing from an SEO expert and are curious about how it all works, you will find lots of SEO resources, articles, and links that can provide you with the latest information in this field. So, enjoy your visit, and come back often.

Professional SEO Services from an SEO Expert

Whether you have a new website and are looking increase traffic or have a established website that is not attracting enough web traffic, my SEO service plans can help you reach your goals.
I offer comprehensive SEO services employing techniques and activities that are derived from industry best practices to help your website get better rankings on major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and MSN. These include:
  • Website assessment
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Website structure and coding assessment
  • SEO strategy formulation
  • Meta data analysis and rewriting
  • Link building strategies development and implementation
  • Monitoring rankings and creating status reports

So What Exactly is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a subset of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and is a process of setting up your website so it achieves solid, high rankings of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for important keywords and/or key phrases. SEO uses a mixture of techniques, tools, and technical skills to get the desired results.
If you are an online business, SEO is one of the most critical factors to your website's online marketing success. Most of the traffic on the Internet is generated by search engines. In order to appear alongside your competition in the search results, your website must be search-engine friendly. Moreover, to be competitive within the search results you need to take steps that convince search engines that your website is an authority and that your content is relevant for particular keywords related to your business. So if done properly, SEO can help you achieve that and result in a higher return on investment than any other type of marketing, both online and offline. SEO can also help drive targeted traffic and motivated buyers to your website and in turn contribute to increased sales conversions.

Here are some of the basic benefits of SEO:

  • SEO results in increased targeted traffic to your website
  • SEO helps create brand identity
  • SEO creates better search engine positioning
  • SEO helps you gain comp0etitive advantage
  • SEO results in fast measurable ROI
  • SEO boosts product sales and online visibility
  • SEO brings in free targeted traffic and hence results in low client acquisition costs
  • SEO can allow you to compete efficiently and effectively against larger competitors
  • SEO provides continuous online visibility
  • SEO is the cheapest marketing tool even on the net

White-hat (ethical) vs. Black-hat (unethical) SEO Techniques

White-hat and black-hat are two different views of how to go about search engine optimization. White-hat SEO experts (like me) are those who devise proper SEO strategies according to the guidelines given by various search engines. On the other hand, black-hat SEOs often try to "trick" search engines by using backdoors, cloaking, spamming and other tricks to optimize their sites.
There are many companies and "SEO professionals" who employ black-hat, unethical techniques in order to get quick results that often get their clients’ websites banned from search engines. To get sustained results only white-hat SEO techniques should be employed.

My Guarantees

Unlike other SEO professionals and so called SEO experts, I do not promise number 1 rankings in Google, nor do I promise to submit your site to 50,000 search engines and directories. All such claims are bogus and carry no weight at all. However, I do promise a considerable increase in your website traffic, better rankings for primary and secondary keywords, and better conversions that result in increased revenue from your site.
As an SEO expert, here is what I guarantee:
  • Your website will be submitted to all the major search engines and directories, along with some industry-specific directories.
  • The keywords I suggest will have searches as indicated by WordTracker.
  • I will optimize for all keywords requested by you.
  • I will NOT use unethical SEO techniques and none of the SEO techniques used by me will get your web site banned from search engines.
  • I will discuss all my SEO techniques with you.
  • I will not carry out any changes on your website without your approval.
Need More ?

 Please Contact Me On Skype. 

>skype ID :{ SMTalha1991
>Mobile :0313-2020392

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