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Power Of Muslim Son

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Watch This Video Very Carefully And Comment Your Feelings Below ..

العربیہ بین یدیک

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Internet Marketing Course Urdu - SEO

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Internet Marketing Course Outline

Seo Course Urdu
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STAGE 1. Search Engine Marketing
Introduction into Internet Marketing

Part 1: Understanding Search Engines

  • Chapter (1)  Classification of Search Engines
    • Crawler-Based Search Engines
    • Human-Powered Search Engines
    • Pay-for-Performance Search Engines
    • Hybrid Search Engine
  • Chapter (2)  How Search Engines Rank Pages
Quiz (1): Understanding Search Engines
Part 2: On-Page Optimization

Step 1: Picking out Keywords

  • Chapter (3): Defining Your Niche and Audience
  • Chapter (4): Preparing to Research Keywords and Getting Suggestions
  • Chapter (5): Using Keyword Suggestion Tools
Demo (1): Picking out Keywords

Step 2: Optimization - Tuning the Pages

  • Chapter (6): Key Concepts: Keyword Prominence, Density, Proximity and Frequency
  • Chapter (7): Creates Effective Title and Meta
  • Chapter (8): Optimizing Layout of Your Pages
  • Chapter (9): Optimizing Navigation and Menus
  • Chapter (10): Duplicate Content Issues
  • Chapter (11): Local SEO for Your Site
Demo (2): Optimizing an HTML Page

Part 3: Off-Page Optimization

Step 4: Website Submission

  • Chapter (12): Search Engines' Submission Rules and Guidelines
  • Chapter (13): Submitting to Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc
  • Chapter (14): Creating a Search Engine Friendly Sitemap
  • Chapter (15): Submitting to Directories
  • Chapter (16): Submitting to Business Directories
  • Chapter (17): Submitting to Classifieds
  • Chapter (18): Participating in Forums
  • Chapter (19): Blogs Commenting
  • Chapter (20): Create Link Wheel
Step 5: Link Marketing
  • Chapter (21): Link Popularity and Link Quality
  • Chapter (22): Google PageRank, Local Rank and Hilltop Algorithms
  • Chapter (23): Link Building Strategies and Techniques
Quiz (2): Link Marketing

Part 4: Monitoring Search Engine Rankings

  • Chapter (24): Issues with Automated Ranking Monitoring
  • Chapter (25): Learned About Analyzing Organic Search Traffic
Demo (3): Checking Site Rankings

Part 5: Techniques to Avoid or Use at Your Own Risk (Search Engine Spamming)

  • Chapter (26): Black-Hat Techniques vs White-Hat Techniques
  • Chapter (27): SEO Code of Ethics
  • Chapter (28): Gray-Hat SEO
  • Chapter (29): What to Do if Your Site Has Been Penalized
Part 6: Search Engine Advertising

Introduction to Online Advertising

Step 1: Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Chapter (30): An introduction to PPC advertising
  • Chapter (31): Major PPC Providers (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter)
  • Chapter (32): Advertising Campaigns and Organic Search Engine Results
STAGE 2: Social Media Marketing
  • Chapter (33): Social Media Channels
  • Chapter (34): Blogging and Micro-blogging
  • Chapter (35): Participating in Social Networks
  • Chapter (36): The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics
  • Chapter (37): Promoting Your Brand with the Help of Social Media
  • Chapter (38): Social Media Optimization
  • Chapter (40): Social Media Advertising
Quiz (4): Social Media Marketing
STAGE 3: E-Mail Marketing
  • Chapter (41): Introduction to E-Mail Marketing. The Basics
  • Chapter (42): The Six-Step Process of E-Mail Marketing
  • Chapter (43): Working with Your Mailing List
  • Chapter (44): Creating a Message and Choosing an E-mail Subject Line
  • Chapter (45): Running the Campaign - E-Mail Transmission Tips
  • Chapter (46): Delivery and Response Tracking (Bounce Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, Open Rate, Clickthrough, Conversion)
STAGE 4: Affiliate Marketing
  • Chapter (47): Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Chapter (48): Earning Money as an Affiliate
  • Chapter (49): Starting Your Own Affiliate Program
  • Chapter (50): Setting Up the Program
  • Chapter (51): Mistakes to Avoid
STAGE 2: Web Analytics

Introduction to Web Analytics

Part 1: Traffic Data Sources

  • Chapter (52): Different Web Traffic Data Sources
  • Chapter (53): Web Analytics Pyramid Model
Part 2: Traffic Sources
  • Chapter (54): Referring Sites and Partners
Part 3 : The Sales Funnel and Customer Life Cycle
  • Chapter (55): The Customer Life Cycle: Reach, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention
  • Chapter (56): Reach and How to Measure It
  • Chapter (57): Acquisition and How to Measure It
  • Chapter (58): Conversion and How to Measure It
  • Chapter (59): Retention and How to Retain Visitors
Quiz (3): Web Analytics


Internet Marketing Course details:

Internet Marketing
Video Demos

SEO Training Course Duration:
  • 8 weeks Duration of Internet Marketing Classes
  • 24 days of Classes
  • 2 Classes per wee
  •  2:30 hours Internet Marketing Training Class .Join Your Class Today Add Us On Skype . 
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what's happening in palestine

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اللهم خذهم أخذ عزيز مقتدر
اللهم أرسل العذاب إليهم ؛اللهم فرق جمعهم ؛اللهم شتت شملهم ؛اللهم أقلل عددهم ؛اللهم اجعل كيدهم في نحورهم ؛اللهم أرنا فيهم عجائب قدرتك يا جبار يا قهار ؛اللهم أرنا فيهم يوما أسودا كيوم عاد وثمود ؛اللهم اشدد وطأتك عليهم ؛آمين يا رب العالمين


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The Muslim Jesus:

The story of Jesus in the Islamic tradition. Muslims believe in the Virgin Birth, that Jesus performed miracles, and that he is the Messiah. They don't believe he was crucified, but he was taken up to heaven by God and will return to earth as a Muslim. This is an illuminating film with commentary from scholars who highlight the similarities and differences between the Jesus of the Gospels and in the Quran - concluding that the two faiths have more in common than most people realise, including an appearance by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, who was filmed quite extensively for this documentary.....