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The Story of Two Identical Twins
Imagine two genetically identical twins who do everything together.  They eat the exact same diet, follow the exact same exercise program and live the exact same lives.  Everything is literally the same – calories, workouts, sleep – but one of the twins has a problem with their physiology, like maybe their thyroid gland. Which one will have a harder time losing weight? Obviously the one with the imbalance. But it doesn’t just have to be the thyroid, it could be a hormone imbalance, digestive issue, neurotransmitter imbalance, blood sugar issue, toxicity exposure or more. The better your client’s body works on the inside, the better results they’ll get from your diet and exercise program on the outside.


 The world doesn’t need another diet book
At last count, there are over 20,000 diet books on There is obviously no shortage of information and to be honest, most of the information in diet books is simply repackaged information with a few new gimmicks to make it seem fresh and unique.  But even with all those diet books people are having a harder time losing weight than ever before. Maybe it is not your diet and exercise program that is not working, maybe it’s them.

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